Validating a cell value excel macro

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Clear Contents Msg Box "Future date not allowed in cell " & a Cell. thank you for the quick responses, will go and learn more 1 problem on the VBA method that i dont understand.if i clear any cell in the range, it clears the whole spreadsheet with the msgbox "future dates not allowed" one cell at a time.5) Click the drop down by (General) and select Worksheet. Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) 7) Remove the word "Selection".You want to remove "Selection" because that means when you click on a cell in the worksheet something will happen.Hello, I have a macro that runs when the user clicks on a button.Instead, I want the macro to run when Cell D10 is populated. You must use the worksheet change event in the worksheet itself, not a module. I will provide a file to go along with the explanation.The data for D10 comes from a Data Validation drop down, if that matters. In the worksheet, range A5: A25 is fill with numbers.

On the second worksheet of a blank workbook, create a list, such as shown in Figure 1.Since you are using Excel 2007, this is what you do. 4) Now, at the top of the code window you will see...(General) with a drop down, and (Declarations) with a drop down.Once you do so, make the list into a Table in Excel 2007 and later, or a List in Excel 2003 and earlier.QI Macros customers use Excel to create forms for all kinds of data collection: time sheets, scorecards, even mini-databases.

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