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Mr Mustafa said he believes his wife had gone back to her native Poland to join a cult. I am free from everything.'For her husband, the note, along with a strange gold amulet that he says Renata had started wearing shortly before she vanished, is a clear indication that something very strange was happening to his wife of 23 years in the months before her disappearance on April 25. Something is amiss.'In the first and only in-depth interview he plans to give about Renata's disappearance, he admits he is at a loss to understand why she would suddenly have vanished. There is the note and the amulet — a gold necklace with a circular symbol.

He has handed both the note and photographs of the gold necklace his wife wore to detectives in the hope that they might yield further clues as to what has happened to her.Prebiotic fermentation of resistant dextrin was analyzed using prebiotic index (PI). It was shown that all of the tested bacteria were able to grow and utilize TA-modified dextrin as a source of carbon, albeit to varying degrees.In co-cultures of intestinal and probiotic bacteria, the environment was found to be dominated by the probiotic strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, which is a beneficial effect.She left the house at 1pm on April 25 and has not been seen since.Miss Antczak’s sister Danuta Szulc said she suspected she was having secret romantic liaisons with another man during her regular visits to her native Poland.

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