Nude judo

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Bean manages to escape in time, but a young boy (played by Sam Driscoll) is not so fortunate and is later seen covered head to toe in a blue chemical powder.

In a still-life art class, Bean is first made to draw a bowl of fruits.

The project is a beautiful example of the concept of “Jita kyoei” (Mutual benefit), established by Judo founder Jigoro Kano.

Such a spirit is perfected through Judo, thereby promoting the concept of mutual benefit and prosperity in the larger world.

For example, students from other sports at UMinho were so taken with the concept that this year they determined to repeat the feat.

minor penalty (1st shido scores Koka for opponent, 2nd shido scores Yuko for opponent, 3rd shido scores Waza-Ari for opponent, 4th shido is hansokumake and scores ippon for opponent.

Malloy had a tough matchup in the first round—Portugal's Telma Monteiro, who was second in the qualification rankings and had beaten Malloy three times in recent bouts.

She hung with Monteiro in regulation and then got a yuko, the smallest score awarded, to win in the "golden score" overtime session. We can only hope the folks with video rights give up repeated showings of Malloy's emphatic throw of Colombia's Yadinys Amaris, which earned the American an ippon, or "instant win," just 40 seconds into the contest.

now join the wives of British servicemen, gay rugby players, University of Warwick rowers, Orthodox Christians, Houston firefighters, and many others in raising money for the team.

UFC women’s bantamweight contender Raquel Pennington, TUF 20 cast member and strawweight fighter Angela Magana, and former UFC and Invicta FC bantamweight Jessamyn Duke are now victims of this scandal.

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