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Come summer, gyms empty and the outdoor activities, always rampant, explode. “Without trust, it is impossible to please God.” “Hold up the shield of trust”.

I was afraid that I’d hit a rock and go under but much more terrified that someone in my family would. (2 Tim 1:7) Fear is a familiar companion to many of us but it tries to hide its true nature and stay in the shadows of our souls. To Often times in the scriptures, the word “trust” had been translated to “faith”.

Personally, when I was able to give all that up to just and be who I really felt I was, it changed the way I looked at the world forever.

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Many of these were conducted on animals with amygdala damage.Can you speak about where you have grown up or how you where raised without fear that people will judge you? How solid is your foundation that supports who you really are?We spend so much of our time trying to hide everything we don’t like about ourselves from friends, strangers–hell, even ourselves–that we rob ourselves of our lives one day at a time. If it’s outdoors, they’re doing it and my family is in the thick of them. Look even at the Colorado River flowing with endless whimsy, wonder and strength. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, a vessel of the Holy Spirit, the very dwelling place of God because and wants to share your life with you every single moment.

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