Mrtg stops updating for previous one

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Before setting up your database, it is wise to take a moment to think what it is you are trying to achieve. Let's look at some numbers: rrdtool create \ --start 1130799600 \ --step 3600 \ DS:content: GAUGE:86400:0: U \ RRA: AVERAGE:0: rrdtool update 11308284.00 rrdtool update 11308320.00 rrdtool update 11308356.00 rrdtool update 11308428.00 rrdtool update 11308644.00 rrdtool update 11308680.00 rrdtool update 1130886000:0.00 rrdtool graph \ --start 1130796000 \ --end start 26h \ --height 160 \ --upper-limit 80 \ --lower-limit 0 \ --y-grid 5:2 \ --x-grid HOUR:1: HOUR:1: HOUR:2:0:%H \ DEF:content=wallet.rrd:content: AVERAGE \ AREA:content#0000FF Nice. Have a look at the descriptive table above and compare against the graph.

There are lots of examples, not only on this site, that deal with traffic. You will have to keep in mind though how RRDtool was designed (and why) in order to get best results. I bet a significant number of people would look at the content of the wallet after the purchase, and put that number in the database. At hours (meaning: midnight at the end of the day) I removed .00 from my wallet to save for that new dvd recorder I want to buy.

Which tool you use will depend on what you want to do.A complete list of interface types would be impractical for this document , but there are a number predefined varables below.Normally, cfgmaker puts in the target's Page Top this iftype value within paranthesis after the name of the interface type. Here You can select some interfaces one-by-one from the list or selecting groups of interfaces (use CTRL MOUSE CLICK to multiple select).It should come as no surprise that SNMP can be used to collect performance information.We have already seen simple examples in Chapter 7, "Device Monitoring with SNMP".

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