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This trial is dragging things out into the open that the family has always kept quiet, shining a bright light on its failings and on the fact that it has brought dishonor and shame upon itself.

At the beginning of the trial, young men with grim expressions on their faces and weeping girls are sitting in the visitors' gallery.

The troops found he was carrying a US driving license and credit card as well as mobile phones, American dollars, and some Turkish notes.

Footage posted online shows him speaking in an American accent and explaining to a Kurdish officer that his father is Palestinian and his mother is Iraqi.

The mother of the murdered victim reacts to the court with disdain, turning her back on the judge.

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"Damn it, we're not on some television court show here! One of the Kurdish witnesses was in the courtroom at the beginning of the trial, which is not permitted under German law. Our proceedings are conducted in accordance with German laws, and if you are in this courtroom, you will abide by those laws. " This isn't the way to reassure agitated people who have lost a daughter, a niece, a sister, and who have no other outlet for their feelings of hatred, sadness and perhaps even shame.

He was taken into custody in northern Iraq late last month along with a Swede, two Spaniards and two Americans — one of them a doctor, she said.

“He joined YPG because he was sick of ISIS,” said Colin Rutterford, a Briton who said he met the Canadian at a safehouse in Iraq in late June.

He reportedly crossed into Syria from Turkey, a common route for Isil recruits, and travelled onwards to Mosul.

The city is the second largest in Iraq and has been held by Isil since June 2014.

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