Interactive sex chat bots

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The company has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo “to help you get past first base”.

The chatbots would be programmed to remember everything the human lover has said and done so that it can recall and respond appropriately – or inappropriately – whichever you wish.

Most legal chatbots are designed to help consumers, but now some are emerging to make legal professionals’ lives easier.

A chatbot is a computer program that interacts with the user by simulating a conversation or dialog.

If you’re so connected to your online relationships that you quiver with anticipation every time your phone pings or vibrates, then this is for you.

Facebook is working to satisfy technolust with a “full sensory and emotional experience”, according to Mark Zuckerberg, who says he wants technology developed so “anyone can experience anything,” including virtual reality hook-ups with steamy sigh-ber “lovers” programmed to give continuous sexual pleasure.

Erotic Chatbots, an artificial intelligence start-up in the UK, is based on the idea that the “alone together” generation have already developed crushes on their technology.

Popular communication service Slack has also been ramping up its efforts around bots and figuring out different ways to enhance its customers' experience.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft also announced a bot platform.

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