Ektron updating search catalogs

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With a CMS you can translate content on-the-fly with the best-in-class automated localization support, allowing you to easily deploy in a multi-lingual environment.Apply workflows, approvals, and permissions as well as maintain a complete history of content changes.

Before this feature was added, deploying or updating a Web site was a complex, risky process of moving data, templates and code from the development environment to production servers. eSync revolutionizes the process, providing whole site synchronization with the click of a mouse.

One of our larger clients Ektron sites has had a history of poor performance that always seemed to be related to Indexing immediately after publishing content or syncing content to the live environment.

The site heavily uses indexed smart form fields and indexed metadata fields for ordering/sorting lists of content.

Ektron also comes with extensive out of the box functionality, so you can start creating a website without coding from scratch.

With an editing user interface that looks similar to Microsoft Word, onboarding your team is quick and easy.

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