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She says that the steady flow of young male victims always left her deeply unsettled. “Young men that I should have been dating, here they [were] lying in a casket in front of me.” At times, Booker had trouble keeping her personal and professional life separate, like when she found out a young man she'd been dating was dealing drugs.

After that, she says, she was haunted by the thought of finding him in a casket in her funeral home.

Here then we will look at some tips to ensure your double date goes well and to help avoid hiccups.

Choose the People Well First of all, the most important thing is to choose the person you bring as a friend carefully.

Another important point is to make sure that there's no one there who has too strong a personality, or who is too much of a wallflower you want everyone to feel included equally.

Of course in the very best scenario you will all already be friends before the date, and this is a great recipe for a hit but at the same time it's not always possible.

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Redeeming the realities of marriage by Paul Tripp Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart by John Ensor (a short, but insightful, challenging book that delivers on the title) Boundaries in Dating by Henry Cloud The Case for Early Marriage — fascinating article in Christianity Today “God and Sex” by Matt Chandler — one of the best talks Jarrod has heard on dating/relationships.

If the date goes well then you will not only have someone attractive sitting opposite you, but also a good friend by your side, and all four of you are likely to get on well.

However more people also means there's potentially more to go wrong and in some cases you can end up having an evening that ends up straining your friendship and losing you your date and this of course is not what you want when you're double dating.

Our results record rarely captured extreme behaviors of the geomagnetic field, with an exceptionally low intensity around ∼2200 BCE (hitherto the lowest value observed for the Holocene) and a “spike” intensity value dated at ∼1300 ± 300 BCE (either a precursor to or the same event as the Levantine spikes).

These anomalous features of the geomagnetic field revealed by our data will shed light on understanding geomagnetic field during the Holocene.

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