Adult spanking chats

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Let me clarify something: I’m not “into” spanking the way you might be “into” Celine Dion or “The Bourne Identity.” Spanking is a part of my psyche, an essential element of my sexuality.It’s not like slavering over cheerleaders, or fantasizing about sex on the beach at sunset.Although the acceptance of spanking and other forms of physical punishment has decreased over the past several decades, it is still commonly used as an approach to punish and reduce the frequency of child misbehavior and as a way to elicit more positive or desirable behaviors, according to , Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Manitoba, and her colleagues investigated the relationship between harsh physical punishment — which was defined as pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping or hitting in the absence of more severe child maltreatment (e.g., emotional, physical or emotional abuse, or neglect) — and mental disorders.The way corporal punishment evolved in Sandy Haase’s family is, in many ways, typical.Growing up in Orange County, in California, in the 1960s, Ms.

For more than 20 years I thought there was something wrong with me.The “spankings” that would follow, she says, were angry, severe, and scary. When she had children of her own, she and her husband agreed that they would use spanking only as a last resort.Which is what they did, recalls her 22-year-old son, Colin.“Looking at it now, I don’t see it as a negative thing,” he says.He describes his and his sister’s upbringing as warm and loving, with spanking only a very minor part of childhood: “It helped me.

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